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ACM Records

ACM Records features some of the world's best Indie Artists with music in almost all genres. ACM Records, Inc. has serviced the entertainment industry for over 25 years working with some of the top companies including Universal, SONY, Warner, Polygram, Atlantic, Viacom, CBS, Paramount, Miramax, Roc-a-fella, Verizon and MCI WorldCom.

ACM Records' music has been heard in countless Films and TV shows including Brokeback Mountain, Paid in Full, Sicko, MTV and E! Entertainment. Contact our licensing department at license@acmrecords.com or visit our Production Music Library at www.cuehits.com.


Universal Zulu Nation

International Hip Hop Awareness Movement
Knowledge,Wisdom,Understanding Freedom,Justice , Equality
Overcoming the Negative to the Positive
Economics, Mathmatics,Sceince,Life,Truth,Facts & Faith


Hip Hop Anniversary.com

In the early 1970’s a new musical genre was born in the crime-ridden
neighborhoods of the South Bronx. Gifted teenagers with plenty of
imagination but little cash began to build a new musical style from spare
parts. Hip-Hop, as it was then known, was a product of pure street-wise
ingenuity by extracting rhythms and melodies from existing records and
mixing with searing poetry. This combination chronicled life in the hood
and spilled out of the ghetto. From housing projects, it exploded onto
the streets and subways, taking root in Bronx clubs. From there it
spread to Los Angeles, where a whole West Coast Hip-Hop scene
developed, sporting its own musical idiosyncrasies and its own wild
style. Through television shows like BET’s RAP CITY and YO! MTV RAPS
and a succession of Hollywood movies, Hip-Hop gained millions of new
fans across America, in places far removed from the genre’s Bronx
roots. It spread to Europe, Asia, Africa and every continent of Earth,
gaining more cultural significance as the years rolled by. Today, it is one
of the most potent and successful musical categories of the 20th
Century. This 30th Anniversary tour showcases those legendary artists
and enormous talents that created the genre known as rap. Our intent is
to capitalize on the current wave of popularity of the Hip Hop Legends
personalities and their indelible musical performances that have now
become the contemporary equivalent to the international mega-billion
dollar musical nostalgia commodity known as “Classics.” After more than
30 years it is safe to say that this cultural phenomenon has truly come of
age and is truly alive and thriving as America’s latest offering of pop
culture to the world at large.
It is evident millions of the youth who identify with Hip-Hop culture are
now beginning to acknowledge the gifts of the originators and hold the
highest appreciation of the funk and fun that gave life to the world of
rap. The youth of today undoubtedly continue to support and pay
homage by turning out in record numbers to experience the live
performances of the “The Hip Hop Anniversary Tour” We propose that
this initial tour package designed by The Alliance of Legends will be the
first edition in a series of like packages that will present worldwide. We
also feel corporate sponsorship will continue to support the mission to
keep Classic Music alive within the boundaries of the universal

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Tool House Recording´s (LützelHausen D.E.)

Label Philosophy: The most important and basic idea behind toolhouse recordings "the label" is,to give artists and musicans a platform to release their outstanding products on a majorlike level, but with no compromises about content and creativity. The products are on an approved high level and affordable for the customers and, now take care, the artists will earn money, even with small releases.There are no oversized offices and expensive extras that will eat up the money. Everybody, the company and the artists work together for their success and income.Public relations will be done online by toolhouse recordings and the individual homepages of the artists. Live and online the artists will feature the members of the team and pull together the rope in one direction. If you want to buy unique and quality products and you like the idea of investing your money into hard working talents, support us and choose ToolHouse. You will not be disappointed. We do not know, if you will share our taste, but we are full of hope to convince you.
With musical regards
Your ToolHouse team


Zulu Nation Chapter Holland(Netherlands)

Zulu Nation Chapter Holland
Welcome to the official website of the Universal Zulu Nation Chapter Holland.Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun, Positivity, Creativity, Tolerance, Respect, Party and Participating, Going Back To The Essence, Being Open Minded, Devolution: Each One Teach One. ONE MIND ONE MISSION.
In unity there is strength.In division you will surely fall.In strenght and numbers,we are a powerfull force.Wecome from many different races,cultures, nationalities,countries and religions, believe in freedom, justice,equality, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.


Star Fleet Music Pool

Starfleet Music Pool is record pool by DJ’s and a record pool for DJ’s. Our members include some of the hottest DJ’s (club, radio, mobile & mixtape), and remixers throughout the USA, Canada & around the world. Digital Record Pools and MP3 Pools are becoming the norm and Starfleet is proud to be a leader.



40th Anniversary UZN
UZN40 Fun Passes: Just $70 flat gets you in each & every event from Nov. 6 – 10, 2013 during the Universal Zulu Nation’s 40th Anniversary. Email: uzn40nov@gmail.com for more info. Paypal accepted! Passes can be picked up at the door on any night of the UZN40 Anniv. UZN40 Fun Passes will be available for purchase on Wed. Nov. 6 and Thurs. Nov. 7 at the events. Potential savings of $60!

Vendor Stands for the Anniversary
Vending during the 40th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation is $50 per night for Wed. Nov. 6, Fri. Nov. 8 and Sat. Nov. 9. $25 for SunDAY Nov. 9: Meeting of the Minds. Email: uzn40nov@gmail.com for more info. Paypal accepted! Vendors can bring only one assistant, only one table and 2 chairs. Must set up one hour before doors open. Space is limited, claim your space now! No vending on Thursday at Maysles or Sunday at SOBs.

UZN Stands for!